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breda restaurantlRestaurant:


 El Romní de Breda. www.elromanidebreda.cat



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Turisme Montseny

TurMontseny RT @onetinyleap: MONTSENY 🌿 Yesterday we learned about the local flora + fauna and had a hand at making art using 🍃🌺 #BMLcostabcn @TurMonts
TurMontseny RT @onetinyleap: About to tuck into this gorgeous plate of food! @TurMontseny @bcnmoltmes #BMLcostabcn #bcnmoltmes https://t.co/sbFmO5D2SQ
TurMontseny RT @travellovinfam: Throughly enjoyed exploring @TurMontseny We made perfume, painted with leaves/flowers & searched for wild boar tracks #…