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El Montseny Natural Park.Biosphere Reserve

The Association of Tourism Businesses of Montseny was created in 1999 with the view to promoting quality tourism which respects the environment, and preserves the value of the cultural and natural heritage of the Montseny as a fundamental resource and recovers and promotes our’own traditions. Businesses dedicated to tourism located in the Natural Park of Montseny and in its area of influence have formed this association: hotels, restaurants, bars, camp sites, country tourism, adventure tourism, riding schools, balloon flights, walking routes, confectioner’s etc.

We at the Association of Tourism Businesses hope that this web page serves to help our clients and improve communication among all of us.

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TurMontseny L'agenda del cap de setmana al Montseny:http://t.co/eVMHNL5F33…/1029-agenda-del-28-al-30-… Foto:bruixesibandolers http://t.co/pVq7oTnXW3